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CLI useful tools


  1. typora

    See what you write

    It was the best markdown editor before I used vim

    I still write markdown in Chinese by typora these days

    • advantage

      1. real-time rendering

      2. searching system

      3. various theme and keep updating

      4. beautiful HomePage beyond description

      5. free and open source (Here is its github page)

  2. iPic (with iPic Mover)

    A way to upload my pictures and use links in markdown instead of saving them which annoys me a lot

    • advantage

      1. free for basis

      2. convenient when using typora (only with one click)

      3. slight

      Now there is an app iPic Mover which would upload all the pictures in the directory

      Let’s give it a try

  3. vim

    I also use VIM to write markdown file

    vim will better it to a higher level

    You can see how I use vim to write markdown through my vimrc and usage of vim

why I abandon Bear Pro

  1. the only advantage of it -> auto placing images

    but I use iPic and typora instead
  2. bugs but never fixed

  3. if you know suckless…

  4. without LaTex support

  5. adjust without freedom

  6. not free

code developer

  1. Termianl

    I have moved all my coding work here

    1. vim

    2. git

      vim + git to organize my configration and study notes (also this website)

      I could view my notes as long as I sign in my gitee

    3. on my zsh


      1. git

      2. zsh-autosuggestion

      3. web-search

    4. ranger

      an awesome file system in terminal

      of course finder is awesome enough

      ranger runs in Terminal

      which means that

      1. go to path more easily

      2. use commands to do almost all tasks

      3. bulkrename

      4. a more convenient way to show hidden files

      5. vim like hjkl and others

      6. some more

  2. Xcode

    Beyond comparison but too large

    Still the best IDE

  3. VScode

    As a saying goes, vscode is the best IDE in the whole universe :)

    But I find that it seems unavailable of its *debug in Calatina


  1. Folx pro

    Better than any downloader else except aria2 (have not tried)

  2. Nutstore

    Double insurance for notes and just a way to transform files

  3. BaiduNetdisk

    Large storage

    All those sharings are stored on BaiduNetdisk, or I would not touch every produce by Baidu


  1. Google Translation

    a menu bar tool for google translation

    useful & deserve downloading

  2. Hidden Bar

    no need to pay for Bartender

    download in mac app store

  3. NTFS for mac

    free on seagate!!!


These two apps published by Tecent are rubbish enough

I would never touch them if possible

a video for my software

mac software

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