Email Writing


一 凤头

A. Opening Lines



● I hope you had a good weekend.

● I hope you had a great trip.

● Hope you had a nice break.

● I hope you are well.

● I hope all is well.

● Hope you’re enjoying your holiday.

● I hope this email finds you well.

● I hope you enjoyed the event.

● I’m glad we had a chance to chat at the convention.

● It was great to see you on Thursday.

● It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday.

2/ 邮件开头


● I am writing to you about our last meeting/your presentation yesterday/our next event.

● I am writing to you with regards to/regarding/concerning/in connection with…

● I am writing to ask/enquire/let you know/confirm/check/invite you to/to update you

on/ask for a favor…

● I am writing you to follow up on…

● I am contacting you to inform…

● I am reaching out because…

● This is just a quick note to…

● This is just a quick reminder…

● I wanted to let you know that…

● Might I take a moment of your time to… (very formal)

● It’s [Your Name] from [Your Company].

● This email is just to let you know that…

3/ 回复他人

● I just got your request for…

● I just read your email about…

● As we discussed, I would like to send you…

● Thank you for your email about…

● Thanks for your email this morning/yesterday/on Wednesday/last month…

● Thanks for your feedback on/your invitation/your suggestion

● Thanks for sending/asking about/attending

● Thanks for your quick reply.

● Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

● Thank you for reaching out (to me).

4/ 致歉

● Sorry for my late reply.

● Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.

● I apologize for the late response.

● Sorry it’s been so long since my last email.

● I was sorry to hear about…

● Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


B. Body Lines


● I’ve attached…

● Please find [file] attached.

● I’m enclosing [file].

● Please see the information below for more details about…

● The parts in bold/in red/in blue are my comments/are the changes we made.

● Here’s the document that you asked for,

● I’ve attached [file] for your review.

● I’m sending you [file] as a pdf file.

● The attached file contains…

● Could you please sign the attached form and send it back to us by [date]?

● Here’s the [document] we discussed.

● [file] is attached.

● Please take a look at the attached file.

● Take a look at the [file] I’ve attached to this email.

● I’ve attached [file].

● Please note that…

2/ 提出请求

● Could you please…?

● Could you possibly tell me…?

● Can you please fill out this form?

● I’d really appreciate it if you could…

● I’d be very grateful if you could…

● It would be very helpful if you could send us/me…

● I was wondering if you could/if you would be able to…

● If possible, I’d like to know (more) about…

● Please find my two main questions below.

3/ 寻求更详尽的解释

● I didn’t/don’t fully understand [something]. Could you please explain that again?

● I didn’t quite get your point about [something]. Could you be more specific?

● Could you repeat what you said about…?

● Could you give us some more details on…?

● If you could please shed some light on this topic, I would really appreciate it.

● Could you please clarify [something]?

● Could you please clarify when you would like us to finish this?

● When exactly are you expecting to have this feature?

● Here are the details on…

● Could you please clarify what you would like us to do about…?

● If I understood you correctly, you would like me to…

● What exactly do you mean by [something]?

● Could you explain what you mean by [something]?

● In other words, would you like us to…

4/ 信息分享

● Thank you for letting me know.

● Thank you for the heads up.

● Thank you for the notice.

● Please note…

● Quick reminder…

● Just a quick/friendly reminder that…

● Thank you for sharing.

● I’d like to inform you that…

● Just a quick heads up -

● Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

● Please keep me informed/posted/updated/in the loop.


● Please let me know if this is OK with you.

● What are your thoughts (on this)?

● What do you think?

● Please let me know what you think.

● We just need the thumbs up/the green light. (=we’re waiting for approval)

● You (totally) have the green light!

● He approved of it, so you can go ahead with the project.

6/ 发出会议的邀请

● I’d like to schedule a meeting on [day] if you are available/free then.

● I am available on [day], if that’s convenient for you.

● Would you be available on [day]?If so, I’ll send you an invite shortly.

● Can you make it on [day]?If so, I’ll book accordingly.

● I’m afraid I can’t make it on [day]. How about…?

● (Due to…) I’m afraid we need to reschedule/delay/postpone/put back/cancel/call off/move/rearrange our meeting.

● We are sorry to inform you that the interview/meeting scheduled for [day] will have to be rescheduled.

7/ 如何传达一个坏消息

● Unfortunately, …

● Unfortunately, we cannot/we are unable to …

● I’m afraid it will not be possible to…

● Unfortunately, I have to tell you that…

● I’m afraid that we can’t…

● We regret to inform you that…

● I regret to inform you that (due to…) …

● After careful consideration we have decided (not) to …

● Due to [reason], it won’t be possible to…

● It’s against company policy to…

● I tried my best, but…

● Despite my best efforts, …

● I can’t see how…

● I’m sorry but it’s out of my hands.

● I’m afraid I won’t be able to…

● I’m sorry to tell you that…


1/ 期盼他人的回复或其他..

● Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

● I look forward to hearing from you soon.

● Please let me know if this works/if you are available/if that sounds good/if you can/if you

can help/if you need to reschedule…

● I look forward to seeing/meeting you.

● See you on Thursday/next week.

● Thanks.

● Thank you in advance.

● Thank you for everything.

● Cheers.

● Any feedback you can give me on this would be greatly/highly/much appreciated.

● If you could have it ready by tomorrow/the end of next week, I would really appreciate it.

● I would appreciate your help in this matter.

● I hope you find this helpful.

● I hope it’s clearer now.

● I hope that answers all your questions.

● If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know.

● Let me know if you need any help.

● For further details…

● If you have any (more) questions (about)…

● In the meantime, if you need any more information,

● I you need more information/more info/further information,

● I know that’s a lot to take in, so let me know if anything I’ve said doesn’t make sense.

● … please do not hesitate to contact me.

● … please feel free to contact me/to get in touch.

● … please let me know.

● … drop me an email/drop me a line.

2/ 表达致歉

● Thanks for your understanding/for your patience.

● Thanks again for your understanding/for your patience.

● Once again, please accept our apologies for any/the inconvenience caused / for the delay/

for the misunderstanding.

● I hope this is okay with you.

● I really hope we can find a solution soon.

● I hope you can understand.

● Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

3/ 结尾致谢

● Best regards,

● All the best,

● Best wishes,

● Cheers,

● Have a great weekend!

● Have a wonderful day!

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